Energy Metabolism Unraveled: Insights, Impacts, and Clinical Applications

Learn about the complexities of energy metabolism, its impact on nutrition, and its practical applications in this insightful lecture.

Objectives: This lecture will explore the fundamental aspects of energy metabolism and how they interrelate with nutrition and everyday practice. Additionally, the impact of chronic diseases on energy metabolism will be discussed, and key gaps in existing research and practice literature will be identified. Finally, future directions and innovative approaches in understanding and leveraging principles of energy metabolism will be presented.

Energy Metabolism Unraveled
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Dr. Sarah A. Purcell

Dr. Sarah A. Purcell, MSc PhD

Assistant Professor
Tier II Canada Research Chair in Nutrition and Energy Metabolism in Chronic Disease
Faculty of Medicine │ Department of Medicine
Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science │ Department of Biology
Southern Medical Program
Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

The University of British Columbia

Dr. Sarah Purcell is an Assistant Professor and Tier II Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia, with a passion for improving health through evidence-based nutrition strategies. She earned her degrees from Florida State University and the University of Alberta, where she focused on understanding how energy metabolism (calories burned) relates to body composition (the amount of muscle and fat someone has) and nutrition recommendations in people with active cancer, obesity, and older adults. After completing her studies, Dr. Purcell continued her research at the University of Colorado - Anschutz, investigating the relationships between appetite, energy metabolism, and exercise.

Dr. Purcell’s ultimate research goal is to fill critical knowledge gaps in managing obesity and disease-specific health outcomes through better nutrition practices. Her research lab uses various techniques to study nutrition requirements and how changes in food intake or exercise impact our bodies. She collaborates with other researchers, graduate students, and health professionals to improve human health through nutrition assessment and intervention.

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" Thank you for your help during the purchase of the lecture. I was worried about the language, but everything went smoothly. I really liked the subtitles; they helped me a lot in understanding the lecture. The lecture is excellent and clarified several complex doubts I had about energy metabolism and the measurement of energy expenditure in patients with chronic diseases. "

Claudia O. | Brazil

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